Ultrasonic scale

The innovative Healthweigh Electronic Ultrasonic height measuring device determines
height and weight simultaneously, and relays an integrated result with BMI value. The
weight and height are clearly shown on the easy-to-read display. The BMI results appear
showing low, average and high BMI at the time of weighing which gives an immediate
indication of health risk factor.
The scale is an excellent choice for use in hospitals, clinics, schools, and fitness rooms.
Installation is simple and the scale is easy-to-use. The weighing results can be printed or
transmitted to the medical database.
More Details
• Movement compensation technology
• Automatic BMI calculation
• Measures room temperature
• RS232 ports and USB
• 230v/120v input, CD 12V output
Technical Data
• Capacity 250kg
• Graduation 0.1kg
• Height Range 80 – 210cm
• Height Graduation 0.1cm
• Product Size 525 x 380 x 2400mm
• Platform Size 380 x 370 x 80mm
• Product Weight 15kg
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